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About Surviving Motherhood-ISH

My vision for Surviving Motherhood – ISH comes out of the desire to see something positive come from my struggles as a mother. I am struggling. I am pretty sure I am failing at all of it every day. My tendency would be to wait until I’m “better” to write and share my wins and my overcoming. BUT then the journey would be missed. 

I have always marveled at the books or blogs written by someone who started writing while they were neck deep in their struggle. One of my favorite blogs is A Slob Comes Clean. I so resonate with her struggle and her success gives me hope. I even bought her book to use as a regular reminder of the small steps I can take each day to keep my home manageable.

The Surviving Motherhood – ISH stories come from my pain, and hopefully a little from unexpected joy. I say unexpected because as a mom of four who has been drowning for nearly nine years, joy is rarely expected. I realize this sounds quite a bit like depression, and maybe there is some mixed in there, but in truth, it is a hopelessness that comes from years of praying and struggling and hoping, to no avail. 

When I have overcome, I hope my story will be HOPE for the mom who struggles the way I struggle. The mom who wonders why God ever gave her children to begin with. The mom who knows her anger is hurting her family, but can’t seem to turn it off. The mom who feels like everything would be ok if she could just get ONE thing right. You are not alone! I suspect more moms feel this way than don’t, but very few are talking about it. It’s our biggest secret. We wouldn’t dare let anyone else see this side of us.

So here I am… sharing my deep, dark secret with the world.